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Posted in laquacious by eyebee on November 25, 2009

I thought the tweet that I saw this morning was funny.

It was from a Briton who remarked that they don’t do Thanksgiving; they have ‘We Got Rid Of The Jesus Freaks On A Boat Day’ instead.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do (for the most part anyway), so I go along with the Thanksgiving Day thing myself – except for the turkey, which I don’t like, and which the Pilgrim Fathers almost certainly didn’t eat back then anyway.

Hope ya’ll had a good one.

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Top 10 Traits of Highly Successful People

Posted in laquacious by eyebee on November 14, 2009

We have all read about people who are successful briefly.

They win a gold medal, make a fortune, or star in one great movie and then disappear.

Or, there are those like Marilyn Monroe who achieve extraordinary success, at the cost of their own lives. These examples do not inspire me!

My focus and fascination is with people who seem to do well in many areas of life, and do it over and over through a lifetime. In entertainment, I think of Paul Newman and Bill Cosby. In business, I think of Ben and Jerry (the ice cream moguls), and a local hardware store owner who is famous for the money he’s give to children’s charities. As a Naval Officer, husband, businessman, politician and now as a mediator and philanthropist on the world stage, Jimmy Carter has had a remarkable life. We all know examples of people who go from one success to another. These are the people who inspire me!

I’ve studied them, and I’ve noticed they have the following traits in common:

1. They work hard! Yes, they play hard, too! They get up early, they rarely complain, they expect performance from others, but they expect extraordinary performance from themselves. Repeated, high-level success starts with a recognition that hard work pays off.

2. They are incredibly curious and eager to learn. They study, ask questions and read constantly! An interesting point, however: While most of them did well in school, the difference is that they apply or take advantage of what they learn. Repeated success is not about memorizing facts, it’s about being able to take information and create, build, or apply it in new and important ways. Successful people want to learn everything about everything!

3. They network. They know lots of people, and they know lots of different kinds of people. They listen to friends, neighbors, co-workers and bartenders. They don’t have to be “the life of the party”, in fact many are quiet, even shy, but they value people and they value relationships. Successful people have a rolodex full of people who value their friendship and return their calls.

4. They work on themselves and never quit! While the “over-night wonders” become arrogant and quickly disappear, really successful people work on their personality, their leadership skills, management skills, and every other detail of life. When a relationship or business deal goes sour, they assume they can learn from it and they expect to do better next time. Successful people don’t tolerate flaws; they fix them!

5. They are extraordinarily creative. They go around asking, “Why not?” They see new combinations, new possibilities, new opportunities and challenges where others see problems or limitations. They wake up in the middle of the night yelling, “I’ve got it!” They ask for advice, try things out, consult experts and amateurs, always looking for a better, faster, cheaper solution. Successful people create stuff!

6. They are self-reliant and take responsibility. Incredibly successful people don’t worry about blame, and they don’t waste time complaining. They make decisions and move on. Sometimes they are criticized for taking this to extremes Jimmy Carter carried his own briefcase and a President “shouldn’t” do that! Extremely successful people take the initiative and accept the responsibilities of success.

7. They are usually relaxed and keep their perspective. Even in times of stress or turmoil, highly successful people keep their balance, they know the value of timing, humor, and patience. They rarely panic or make decisions on impulse. Unusually successful people breath easily, ask the right questions, and make sound decisions, even in a crisis.

8. Extremely successful people live in the present moment. They know that “Now” is the only time they can control. They have a “gift” for looking people in the eye, listening to what is being said, enjoying a meal or fine wine, music or playing with a child. They never seem rushed, and they get a lot done! They take full advantage of each day. Successful people don’t waste time, they use it!

9. They “look over the horizon” to see the future. They observe trends, notice changes, see shifts, and hear the nuances that others miss. A basketball player wearing Nikes is trivial, the neighbor kid wearing them is interesting, your own teenager demanding them is an investment opportunity! Extremely successful people live in the present, with one eye on the future!

10. Repeatedly successful people respond instantly! When an investment isn’t working out, they sell. When they see an opportunity, they make the call. If an important relationship is cooling down, they take time to renew it. When technology or a new competitor or a change in the economic situation requires an adjustment, they are the first and quickest to respond. These traits work together in combination, giving repeatedly successful people a huge advantage. Because they are insatiable learners, they can respond wisely to change. Because their personal relationships are strong, they have good advisors, and a reserve of goodwill when things go bad.

And finally, none of these traits are genetic! They can be learned! They are free and they are skills you can use.

Start now!

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Around Midnight

Posted in laquacious by eyebee on October 4, 2009

I am typing this on my Blackberry in the dark. Why?.
Because I can.

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Don’t yell across the house!

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Posted in laquacious by eyebee on August 17, 2009

Currently reading Rudy Giuliani’s Autobiography ‘Leadership’. It is a great read and quite inspirational in places too.

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Open Mic

Posted in laquacious by eyebee on August 13, 2009

Another great evening was had by all with another open mic evening involving 13 artists. It was wittled down to the final three and eventually won by a young lady called Samantha.

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Not here often

Posted in laquacious by eyebee on June 22, 2008

I’m not here often… I’m more often at The Eye

Perhaps I’ll chuck a few more things in here, as I keep logging into blogs that throw the link back here…..

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MS does it again, of course

Posted in laquacious by eyebee on November 30, 2006

It is open, free, and certified as an ISO standard, and  many people see ODF as the way forward for office document  formats.

So of course, Microsoft has to do something else and deviate from an ISO standard in their aim to rule the computer world, and offer MS Office Open XML (OOXML).

Why is it that Microsoft always think themselves above agreed worldwide standards, and push their own formats down everyone’s throats?

Because they can?

Well, one day it will all catch up with them. Sony learnt the hard way – eventually. Let’s hope Microsoft do too, and fall in line and develop open, transparent solutions along with everyone else in the industry. it’s not as if their solutions are generally any better.

Corel Corporation announced today that it will offer support for both ODF and OOXML formats.


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WP: Microsoft shifts emphasis to Web – Highlights –

Posted in laquacious by eyebee on November 18, 2006

Read about how the sleeping giant is slowly waking up to the outside world

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Posted in laquacious by eyebee on November 7, 2006

Over at The Eye I’ve been adding some Google Videos I found when surfing. They’re short clips of the low country of SC, and made by a local company. I really like having the Viper’s Videotag plugin there now, as it makes it so easy to add video. This has also spurred me on to get a new digital video camera, and go shoot some of my own. (Stop groaning at the back there).

I’ve still got my ten-year-old hi-8 cam, which doesn’t really get much use these days. it’s a pain in the rear to shoot video, and then have to run it through a TV card, and digitize it, before I can even edit it. It’s all down to time really.

I could take up all my days, doing this kind of stuff, and then writing about it.

What I really need is to find some really compelling stuff to blog about, so I get 10,000 readers a day; I can charge oodles for banner ads; and I can then buy a new lappie, and go sit on the pier at Folly Beach, and blog away to my hearts content, whilst the money rolls into the bank.

Heck we can all dream, can’t we? I’m probably more looking to win the lottery – except I seldom remember to buy a ticket!