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SABMiller introduces Kozel beer to UK

Posted in Uncategorized by eyebee on September 20, 2010

Wouldn’t be my choice of beer. Weak lagers are to be avoided in my experience…

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SABMiller introduces Kozel beer to UK

By Gemma Charles,,
20 September 2010,

SABMiller is releasing a 4% ABV beer in the UK to capitalise on consumer demand for lower strength lagers.

Kozel: Czech beer comes to the UK (credit: One Red Eye/Jason Alden)

Kozel: Czech beer comes to the UK (credit: One Red Eye/Jason Alden)

Kozel is a Czech lager which is brewed in the village of Velké Popovice, near Prague.

It will be launched in draught at 100 selected sites from the end of September. A number of outlets will host consumer sampling events.

Kozel, which means “goat” in Czech, has been brewed in Velké Popovice since 1874. Families from the village have worked at the brewery for generations.

Nick Miller, managing director of Miller Brands, said: “Last November we announced our intention to expand our portfolio. We’ve carried out rigorous and extensive research to establish exactly which brand would be the best fit.

“Kozel offers an authentic Czech taste, with genuine and distinctive provenance and proposition.

“Our research also showed that drinkers are looking for something slightly lower in strength and at 4% ABV, Kozel satisfies this demand.”

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