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Welcome to .telegraph, the monthly .tel community newsletter covering the latest news on .tel features, software and services, as well as useful tips and advice from .tel owners. Why not share this with someone you think may also be interested? More resources are at


In this issue:

Hot News: control panel update out

  • Fully multi-lingual .tel – Any item on your .tel page can now hold non-English characters, including notes for contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses.
    Based on customer requests, you can now add up to 255 characters of text in the Description field that shows above the phone number or address on your .tel page.
    “Go to” links to sub-folders and other .tel pages can now have descriptions too, which greatly helps directories and other structured resources around the world.
  • Backup and restore your .tel – With the latest update to the control panel, you can create an offline copy of your .tel data and upload it back later, for example, during transfer.
    Open the Settings link at the top right of your control panel, and go to the Backup/Restore tab. You can create a backup copy of one domain and all your data, friends and settings, or all domains in your account.
    The data is saved as an XML file on your computer. At any time, you can upload the backup copy into the control panel to overwrite any other data in the selected domain.

” No matter where you keep your contacts (I use Outlook and Blackberry), .tel will keep your record of me current.”

Read full interview with George Moen, President of Blenz Coffee Company

George Moen

.tel promotion

.tel of the week winners

A Model of Excellence? Yes!

Not everyone may know that it took eight years of negotiation, development effort and global outreach for Telnic to bring .tel to market. Since General Availability, it has been an important and busy year for us, and we’ve continued to develop the service we provide to our community thanks to you.

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the hard work is starting to become recognized in the industries that we touch, as we’ve just been awarded one of three Models of Excellence 2009 Awards handed out each year by data industry analysts InfoCommerce Group. The awards were announced at the Data Content ’09 conference in Philadelphia.

InfoCommerce logo
 Russell Perkins

“The concept behind the .tel domain is both audacious and sublime,” said Russell Perkins, Founder of InfoCommerce Group, “.tel has the potential to revolutionize online contact directories by providing simple, fast, streamlined contact information for everyone. Because of its fast response time, .tel is particularly important in the context of mobile devices. Dynamic information on a .tel page is compact, uncluttered, and enables easy one‐click emails and phone calls even with limited screen real estate. This is an incredibly innovative and powerful idea with huge potential.”

Henri Asseily, CTO and Chief Strategist who attended and spoke at the conference, added: “As people begin to realize that the similarities with all other domain names begin and end with the dot in .tel, they are opening their minds to the possibility of securely sharing all kinds of data over the internet in a standardized, efficient and actionable way.”

Henri Asseily

.tel in Czech

This month a new country was introduced to the world of .tel technology.
On October 15th, TelCamp Prague was held to introduce .tel to the Prague business community and the wider Czech Republic, and to help local businesses understand and evaluate .tel domains. Attendees ranged from novices to experienced .tel users, with back-grounds ranging from IP Law through to HR and office management positions. Attendees also came from business-to-business directory Kompass,, the Czech Republic search engine of choice, as well as the Czech Yellow Pages, and several marketing, telecommunication and infrastructure companies.
At the event, Telnic’s Communications Director Justin Hayward announced that .tel domains can now be viewed in Czech, and a week later, the .tel control panel added support for Czech as well.
The event kicked off with an overview of the vision and current usage of .tel around the world, showing various countries usage and advertising and marketing with .tel.


Keynote speakers included:

  • Micha Benoliel from Digitrad with OrganIP and communications integration possibilities of .tel
  • Peter Hunt and his vision for Republic Cities, focusing around hotspots for new lightweight city-based contact directories
  • Steve Cranston, founder of R3 Tel, showing significant results that he has achieved using .tel domains in searches within the Czech Republic, in Bing, Google and

R3Tel has launched as a reseller in Prague but specializes in contact directory solutions and search engine optimization. The results of this SEO had been reproduced and hung around the newly refurbished pent-house of Liliova 8, a fantastic setting in beautiful old town Prague. The evening ended with a trip to LS Members’ Club where .tel related conversation continued well into the night!

Steve Cranston

OneVancouver: one .tel city

Vancouver is a large coastal city in the Canadian province of British Columbia, and a pio-neering city in the world of .tel. Its local registrar,, launched the initiative One Vancouver to strengthen local business connections.
The initiative aims to attract a growing number of partners and projects from business, tourism, government and education. Projects include selling .tel names in retail stores with a telephone or a cup of coffee!

As RonMunson wrote on the community forum, “In the Vancouver area .tel has been popping up all over the place. Here is an example which I saw on the side of van. I’ll guarantee you there will be a ton of other examples in the next few months since it is the cheapest way a company can get an online profile up fast.”




Thanks to her sponsor, Maelle Ricker, Vancouver native and a top snowboardcross racer for the 2010 Olympics has her .tel name. has links to her bio, sponsors, main website, video and press coverage, and contact information for her agent. Her location also shows Maelle is now training in the Alps, and will update as she travels in preparation for the Olympic championship in her home city. As the games get nearer, her .tel page will include more resources to encompass “all things Maelle”. Ricker is undeniably one of the world’s top snowboardcross racers and a great medal hope for Canada.



George Moen, President of Blenz Canadian Coffee Company, heard about .tel at a High Output Business Network event, and has come to appreciate it since. George has blogged about his experience “Why I bought and why you will get yours!.

Starting with a personal business card, his enthusiasm has lead George to setup an extensive .tel for his business, You can learn about their latest specials, follow them on Flickr or Facebook, or navigate to a local store nearest to you. Each location has a direct contact number and a detailed description of the nearby area.
Since many BlenzCoffee customers heard about .tel and wanted to get their name too, George has setup a reseller account, and now offers .tel domain names over the counter.
“We at HOBN think this will be a great tool for our network but also for anyone who can use the internet for their business or career,” writes George in his blog.


.telebrities in October

Telnic congratulates the first winners of Flip Ultra HD cameras.
For a chance to win next month, submit your story: introduce yourself, your .tel, and tell us why you think you should win,



Best Directory:
Noel Nguessan, a French developer and .tel believer, has created a reference directory that “would be very useful for any French citizen who plans to travel around the world. The real interest of is that it helps French people to prepare any travel and holiday to any country in the world. For all countries, this .tel shows their embassy in Paris with postal contact, phone contact as well as the embassy website link if it exists. […] So, in case of a problem, French people can contact their embassy with one click.”

  • Useful service
  • Short simple menu
  • Plenty of contact info
  • Address keywords


Best Corporate .tel:
Goran Paunovi, President and creative director at ArtVersion design studio specializing in branding through graphics, tells all his customers about .tel, “.tel is actually what is needed on today’s market, because all of us everyday are trying to find that business card to call the company, place the order. .tel allows us to have updated piece of information right online where everybody can see from whenever they are. The best feature is also that .tel mini sites are mobile-friendly so you can look it up on to go.”

  • Clean presentation
  • One-stop-shop for social media
  • Real-time information about vacancies


Best Independent Project:
Darren William, a young gamer thinks that “.tel and gamers are a perfect combination, because when we pick or are given our tag, we keep it for life, that tag even floods through into real world and becomes who you are and what you’re about.”
“This is key to building personal online communities and letting people know who you are and what you are about. I don’t need to look for gaming buddies online anymore, because they find me now through my .tel.”

  • Innovative use of .tel
  • .tel — a gaming tag
  • Usernames & notes

Copyright © 2009, Telnic Ltd.

Camera Camera

One of my Very Useful Things. Do you have a dot tel?

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