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People in Wal-Mart

Posted in Uncategorized by eyebee on October 19, 2009


That’s so weird. I was just asking myself “Hey, I wonder if that guy drinks too much or needs to store fuel to please his woman that he constantly has sex with?” Thanks for clearing that up for us all, it would have been awkward if i had to ask.

Are those ankle weights, half-socks or sweatbands? Does she think that if things are kind of the same color they can go together? Are see-through shorts only appropriate with shiny blue hats? I wish I knew how these things worked.

Early cloning method failures.

I don’t think your hamburger is the only thing you need

Somebody come here and pick up my jaw, I can’t seem to find it now that my eyes popped out of my head.

How did this guy find my Osh Kosh B’gosh overalls from when I was 4?

This man is becoming a legend on this site! But when you start to accent the undies with a flannel vest, HOT DAMN!! How could you not be legendary?

I get it. Putting messages on your ass for people to read is still in style. And I get it, Cocks is for South Carolina Gamecocks. But how bout we either have the good sense not to make this, or to not wear it.

Waldo is so much easier to find when he’s out of the closet.

I challenge you to find pants to match fuzzy pink flip flops and green nail polish, then have someone take your picture and send it to us.

Yeah this may seem odd here, but what you don’t see is Sonic grabbing some mac-n-cheese, so its really not that weird.

You have no idea what this guy had to go through in the frozen food section to get that ice cream. All I’m saying is that Titan may or may not have hit him with a tennis ball from the air cannon.

Well, lets all be thankful that at least half is covered.

Excuse me, your balls are showing….

Save the money, I highly doubt that its going to help you anyway.

Wouldn’t you like to know what I plan on doing with this beer and olive oil?

“Where the hell is the cereal aisle?”

It literally looks as if there is a large rat laying on his head.

It’s like those shorts are managing to cover nothing and everything at the same time.


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