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Deluxe Bacon Meatwaffles with Tomato & Cheese

Posted in Uncategorized by eyebee on February 3, 2009

What we're going to do here is take our bacon meatwaffle mix, and add MORE BACON!

Then we cook a slice of bacon for each meatwaffle, add some tomato slices, and some very thinly sliced or grated cheese.

Next we start to cook our waffles using the bacon meatwaffle mix. After about two minutes, before they are fully cooked, but once they've had time to form a solid base, add the cheese on top, and then the tomato slices and then the bacon. It's best to put the cheese on first, as if we put it on last, it's liable to stick to the upper surface of the waffle iron when it melts. Messy meatwafles  = FAIL!

Cook for another couple of minutes.



Repeat at frequent intervals.

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